i am not a fan of listing specific stuff
but im rly mentally ill n this
effects my behavior a lot so
its important to know

i have a lot of violent trauma
n sometimes i will freak out
rly bad n i tend to overreact to small
things bc things are triggers
n i can kinda go into fits
i know im not very mature but
it is because of my childhood
and i am still currently learning
coping skills which is a long
process so i ask for patience

i also sometimes will post abt
trauma related things (mostly ppl)
so if mentions of incest are triggering
to u pls be wary of following me
i have bpd as well and thats alot
of the "freak out" thing and
a little bit of reassurance just
letting me know someones there
is all i need, ty for reading

i also have paranoia n impulsivity n this
can make me act strange as well i apologize
im also not v physically healthy
and have some low limits compared
to other ppl my age but it genuinely
is hard for me and im not trying
to be lazy